Friday, May 22, 2009

bad week

*sighs* i hate this week! wondering why?

1. school starts again. HELL yeahs
2. one of my classmates, Eggiansyah El Islami, dropped out from 47, so he had to move to a school near his house :'( and then he's gonna move to Cirebon on July :'(
3. last but not least, the thing that i hate the MOST---> there's a strange ppl texted Ina, told her that he/she needed to fill his/her cellphone's account until IDR 450.000, and ACTED LIKE IT WAS ME! dammit. then Ina's sister texted him/her and you know what? he/she told her that I ASKED HIM/HER TO DO THAT. gosh what the hell is goin' on
earth now?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lovey 11 IA 4 :D

last Monday was a great day, cause finally i went out together again with my IA 4 :)

we gathered at Ikhsan's at about 9-ish am. there were me, Kevin, Bayu, Tika, Mirza, Jae, Adit, Faisal, Agus, Affa, Ihsan, Mumun, Uci, and Ikhsan for sure. Dhira and Marsha planned to go MTA together, not with us. so we were just waiting for Enggar and Viky. as they were really really lame, we decided to go without them

(to short the story) we arrived and then we went to the 3rd floor to buy the ice skating tickets. as i way too lazy to join them play ice skating, i decided to accompany Mirza who didnt play because his thigh was being sick. we went to the 4th floor to see them more clearly. no longer after that, Marsha and Dhira arrived. i thought they've already come before us.

i was hungry, so did he. so we went to Popeyes to have lunch. after that, we walked around to search where the hell is the Gramedia. and 'Thanks' God its in lowest floor -,,- i bought "Skenario Dunia Hijau" by Sitta Karina and Alice Academy Volume 10. i owed Mirza bout IDR 50.000 because of his 'foxiness' lmao so he has much invention on me. great kid -.-

finally they finished the ice skating and went to have a lunch at Texas. because Ihsan, Bimo, Jae and Kevin wanted to go lunch at Hoka-Hoka Bento, i decided to join them. i just bought pudding there as i've already eaten.

as soon as we finished our lunch, we headed to Bellezza to have karaoke at Nav <3 here's some photos of yesterday (yeah i know there's no me here)

Friday, May 8, 2009

HOLY-day i'm coming!

i always like friday! why? because it means that weekend is coming! yayyy :D

today was friday, and you know what? im gonna have A WEEK holiday! perfect :)) my activities at school weren't so important today. just watched some timun mas' movies at english time, saw some of my fellas played volley (hell yeah why dont y'all play basketball or sth?) and studied biology at library when the others were watching dvd in the class ;p perhaps all of you think that i'm way diligent or what, but the truth is....... there's another reason beside it lmao

bio exam was sucks as usual, and there were 3 type of the questions. wtf.

okay, forget bout the bio. then i went to the balls to watch the football match between my class and 11 social 1. it was damn exciting and my class won :) BUT, my best keeper hurt because of the sliding tackle or whatsoever in the game ;( although he got hurt, he still made some jokes and laugh and even screamed like usual -____- dasar bocah hihi

just wanna say, get well soon tacil :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amigos x Siempre

yeah, this is the stuff that always clouding up my mind nowadays (okay, after him) im kinda stress because of it. why? cause i've been spending all of my online time for searching about how i can get this vcd or dvds, or at least all of the 115 episodes videos. i found it on youtube BUT without english or indonesian subtitle. great.

amigos makes me miss my childhood moreeeeeee.. remember bout my freaky times while i was in elementary school.. the one who always like "heeey drive me home first please, i wanna watch amigos!!" lmao sorry driver :P

all i can do is just download amigos' videos in youtube which in SPANISH language and download the soundtrack too..

here check some of Amigos x Siempre's photos : )

the old Martin Ricca

the new Martin Ricca

the old Christopher Uckermann and Belinda Schull

the new Belinda Schull and Christopher Uckermann

enough for today, im gonna blogging again tomorrow (perhaps) :p ciao!

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